Jordan LOVED animals, a few of her favorites were dogs, pigs and otters.  Some of her favorite trips were those to the zoo and parks that had animal exhibits.  She was passionate about animals and their gentle care. The Foundation is pleased to announce that funding in the area of ANIMAL SERVICES for 2019 has been awarded, once again, to The Cape Coral Animal Shelter to fund the soon to be named

Jordan Gutheim Cat and Kitten Wing (scheduled to open in late 2019).

The Cape Coral Animal Shelter is currently in its beginning stages.  The city of Cape Coral has agreed to lease a plot of land on Southwest 2nd Avenue for 99 years at a cost of one dollar per year, and plans are to begin construction this year. The facility will go up in two phases, starting with an 8,200 square foot building with kennels, offices and animal care. Eventually, the shelter plans to expand by adding more than 14,000 square feet to the building. Our Shelter organization, in partnership and full support with the City of Cape Coral Officials, will create a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter for our Cape Coral residents and animals in need. We will bring new hope to healthy animals by placing them in safe, responsible and loving homes. Respect the life of each individual animal and provide the best medical, service and shelter care for each animal while focusing on the welfare of staff, community and the animal population as a whole.  

The Cape Coral Animal Shelter organization is dedicated to engaging a special bond between people and animals by means of adoption services, medical care, education and training for the prevention of cruelty and abandonment.  The Funds for the Dedication of the Cat and Kitten Wing in Jordan's name will allow this Shelter to save countless Cats in the Cape Coral Community. To learn more about the Cape Coral Animal Shelter visit their website, by clicking the button below: