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In her 20 short years on this earth Jordan shared her love and her life with an amazingly diverse group of people.  She could tell you about friends she had that were in their 90s and some barely old enough to walk.  Our family was blessed to create many wonderful memories with Jordan and listen to stories about those we missed out on. Jordan loved to laugh and funny/silly experiences were her favorite to tell us about! 


Recently I read a quote from Bob Dylan, "Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them." Greg and I are blessed to have taken great care of our memories, documenting them, photographing them and sharing them, so we can replay our "Jordie Times" in our minds.  We may not be able to relive them, and we definitely cannot create any new ones this side of heaven, but in one way you can all help us build up our "Jordan Memory Banks."

You can SHARE your memories with us!


Do you have a special Jordan memory, funny

experience or photo you could share with us?

It would mean the world to Greg, Brittany and I.

I'll start by sharing with all of you.  This photo

is the last photo Jordie and I took together in

March of 2016. Greg, Jordan and I went to the

Tallahassee Museum for Spring Break fun on the

ropes course, zip lining and nature trails.

Jordan was so excited to finally see the animals

too, and couldn't wait to show us the bears!

Looking Forward to Sharing Memories with You ~ Jordan's Mom, Lorraine

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