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JORDan's story

Jordan Ashley Gutheim Foundation

jordan ashley gutheim 


entered the world as our 'Sunshine Girl", on December 20, 1995.  As a child, Jordan was full of energy & laughter, she loved and admired her big sister, Brittany and was never happy unless she could be a part of what Brittany was involved in.  Jordan attended Evangelical Christian School with her sister, starting in the Preschool at 3 months old.  Jordan was a very social child and would walk into class everyday with a smile on her face, anxious to be with her friends.  At 5 years old Jordan followed her sister onto the soccer field, which turned into a lifelong love of the game. Jordan spent her elementary years at ECS doing what she loved-socializing, art, soccer and bringing laughter everywhere she went. 

During Middle School at ECS Jordan decided to get involved with Student Government and went on to serve in the capacity of Secretary and Vice President during the rest of her MS & HS Career.  It was during this time that Jordan first started serving with children at church and babysitting with the children she loved.  Jordan continued to pursue art and also appeared in a school musical with Brittany. Jordan played on the Middle School and Junior Varsity Soccer Teams for ECS and had the opportunity to win her first District Championship.  Jordan's sister Brittany graduated during her 8th grade year and went to FSU.

High School was a wonderful time of learning and growth for Jordan, she loved adventure and trying new things and continued to bring her gift of laughter into every room.  During her freshman year Jordan joined the Track Team and fell in love with the 100m Hurdles, she also participated in the 300m Hurdles and 4x4 Relay,  but excelled in the 100m.  Jordan won the District Title in 100m Hurdles her Sophomore year, and participated in both District and Regional Meets for 100m & 300m Hurdles in 9th, 10th & 12th grades.

Soccer continued to be a major love of Jordan's High School Years, and her Varsity Girls team made it all the way to the State Finals in her Junior Year!  Jordan was an amazing soccer player, who exhibited a love and commitment for the game that freely flowed to her coach and teammates.  During Jordan's senior year she played a stand out Regional Quarter Finals Game, where she scored the winning goal in the final two minutes of the first over time period.  She was a joy to watch on the soccer field.

Jordan completed her years at ECS making great memories with those she loved, in class on the field and at fun social activities.  Her dream was to attend  Florida State University upon graduation and she was admitted to the Spring 2015 term.  After graduation, Jordan initially attended University of South Florida for 2 semesters, before heading to Tallahassee to become a Seminole at FSU.

Jordan moved to Tallahassee and began her life as a Seminole in January 2015. Jordan was excited to finally spend time on campus with Brittany before she graduated with her Masters Degree. Jordan got a job at Jason's Deli in September 2015, so she could start saving money for her future.  As 2015 drew to a close Jordan was planning to declare a major in Marketing or Public Relations to prepare her for a career in Event Planning, as well as busily investigating internships. She was particularly excited about a opportunity with Gartner Group Events Department in London.  Spring Semester 2016 was busy and hectic for Jordan trying to complete all the pre-requisites she needed for her major.  Jordan spent Spring Break in Tallahassee working hard to save money, taking just a couple days off to spend with her parents. At the close of the semester she received the news that Gartner Group would like her to intern in their Events Department in London. 

On May 12, 2016 Jordan and her boyfriend, Benji Piechoczek, planned on spending the day enjoying nature together before she left for London.  They were two young, beautiful kids waiting to make a turn when their car was struck from behind by a semi truck and pushed into oncoming traffic.  Both Jordan and Benji died at the scene of the accident.

Jordan lived a life full of love, laughter and kindness.  Jordan brought her "sunshine" everywhere she went.  These qualities are Jordan's legacy, which the Jordan Ashley Gutheim Foundation continues through distributing Jordan's Blessings. We do this as Jordan's representatives striving to fulfill the words of Hebrews 13:16:  "And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased."

Jordan's 18th Birthday
Modeling for Salt Tee
Captiva Sunset
18th Birthday Present
Savannah Ghost Tour
Brittany's MFA Graduation
Lake Lure

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16 

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