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Jordan's love for the elderly was evident by her interactions weekly with friends in their 90s!  Jordan loved spending time with her Grandma, Grandpa, Nee Nee and Papa and had wonderful relationships with them.  During her freshman year of college, Jordan's grandmother was diagnosed with dementia, and Jordan drove down to visit her regularly.  It was during one of these visits that Jordan talked with us about her wishes to help the elderly in the future. 


Although in 2002 the Foundation did not provide grants for Elderly care, from 2017-2020 the Foundation had provided $9.000 each year to the Dr. Ella Piper Grandparent Program.  

The Foster Grandparent  Program of Southwest Florida provides meaningful and challenging volunteer opportunities and community involvement for more than 150 Foster Grandparents to serve special needs and at risk children by giving more than 110,000 hours of annual volunteer services. The grandparents bring an openness and sensitivity to the challenges of helping troubled children.  The Foster Grandparent Program Volunteers enrich the lives of the children they serve, while profoundly enriching their own.  They restore and reinforce a sense of community and family values with the children. To learn more about the Foster Grandparent Program:

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