Jordan's family and friends were the most important things in her life!  She was never happier than when she was with the ones she loved. Jordan was well known for making everyone feel special and part of her family.  Her compassionate heart often led her to offer our home as a refuge to others--which often led to boisterous laughter and fun ensuing from her side of the house.   

The Foundation is pleased to announce that funding in the area of FAMILY SERVICES for 2019 is one again awarded to Valerie's House AND The While We're Waiting Refuge Retreat Center. 

Valerie’s House is a loving place for grieving families where children learn that loss doesn't have to limit their dreams.  The vision of Valerie's House is that no child will grieve alone. 

The Foundation was so convinced of the impact the work at Valerie's House will have in our community of children that we have made a 6 year comittment to not only support them financially, but also through service.  The Art Room at Valerie's House will be named in honor of Jordan (naming of Art Room to be determined soon), forever memorializing her love of children, art and family. To learn more about Valerie's House:

The While We're Waiting Refuge Retreat is a Faith Based Retreat Center for Bereaved Parents, which offers support and encouragement, as they are faced with the reality of the many years ahead of them on earth before they are reunited with their child in Heaven.

Jordan's parents attended a Parent's Retreat here in 2016 and found such comfort and hope through the experience, that they immediately knew Jordan's Foundation would want to support it. Jordan's Blessing has been used to create a beautiful stone walkway to the outdoor fire pit area.

Various retreats for bereaved parents are held throughout the year at the While We're Waiting Refuge in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Click Below to learn more: