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Animal Services

Jordan Blessed the Gulf Coast Humane Society's Senior To Senior Program in 2017. Funds were used for supplies and medical care for pets while in the adoption center, as well as promoting the program to Senior Communities. Jordan's Blessing enabled successful placement of pets with 92% of the Senior Adults participating and saw a significant drop in the number of days pets were in foster care prior to placement. To learn more click below:


Elderly Care

Jordan Blessed the Dr. Ella Piper Center's Foster Grandparent Program in 2017. Funds were used to enroll Two New Grandparent Volunteers in the Program. Jordan's Blessings enabled successful placement of these Grandparents in classrooms at Sunshine Elementary and North Fort Myers Academy For the Arts.  The Grandparents served in the classroom a total of over 1200 hours combined-, blessing both teachers and students. To learn more click below:


Family Services

Jordan Blessed Valerie's House with a 6 Year Commitment of $100,000 in 2017. Funds were used to dedicate the Jordan Ashley Art Room and support additional staff and Grief Groups  . Jordan's Blessing contributed to serving over 100 families and almost 200 children in 2017; as well as the relocation of the facility to a historic home at 1762 Fowler Street. To learn more click below:


Driver Safety

Jordan Blessed the Mothers Against Drunk Driving of SWFL in 2017. Funds were used to initiate the Teen Influencer Program and begin promotion to High School Students in SWFL. Jordan's blessing is assisting with MADD's commitment to educating teens and combating underage drinking, because a safer future is riding on tomorrow’s drivers.   To learn more click below:



Jordan Blessed New Hope Presbyterian Church's Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic in 2017. Funds were used to send a Mother and Daughter to the Dominican Republic with the church's Mission Team. Jordan's Blessing allowed this family to serve the community Jordan loved through a children's Vacation Bible School. To learn more click below:


Jordan Ashley Gutheim Scholarship

Jordan Blessed Katherine Pinchin with a 4 Year Scholarship to FSU in 2017. Funds are distributed in the amount of $2,000 per year for a total of $8,000.

 Jordan's Blessing contributed to fulfilling Katherine's dream of attending Florida State University and pursuing a career in Science.


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